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Do you own a dojo and aren't happy with your current style or organization? The United Shotokan Association might be the change that your karate school needs. We offer several different transition programs for Senseis and Students who are interested in learning Shotokan Karate.

Joining the United Shotokan Association can be beneficial to anyone interested in being a part of something bigger than just them while learning traditional karate.

The United Shotokan Association has courses available by video and by seminar where you can learn traditional Shotokan karate. Our method will help you understand the basics of Shotokan the way that Shotokan founder Master Gichin Funakoshi had intended.

Hanshi Offutt is an unparalled instructor, and fully understands Shotokan Karate to a depth that is unheard of. His methods will teach you how to block harder, punch faster, and kick with more power than you ever thought possible. On top of that Shihan also teaches practical bunkai for all the kata. Our bunkai works every time!

For Dojo Owners, we offer not only a transition program into Shotokan karate, but we can offer you certification through the United Shotokan Association, so you can be one of our elite certified instructors or examiners.

Opportunities are also available for you to be a representative in your country for the United Shotokan Association. We are seeking karate-ka world wide who are interested in being state and country directors for our organization.

You don't have to be a black belt or own a school to train with us, we are here to help you on your journey in traditional Shotokan karate.

Yearly Membership $30 USD Per Year!

Lifetime Membership $200
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